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Richard Batiquin G/F Door 1A Marison Condominium
C. Rosal St corner Tojong St
Cebu City, CE 6000
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Set in the midst of hills and mountains and above sea level views of the lowlands and distant Camotes Sea and Mactan Channel, this gated community offers residents with exclusivity and luxury of countryside ambiance at very affordable lot and housing packages.

Experience a change of environment where nature is closer to home and the air you breathe is fresh and unpolluted.  Simply a quiet place to relax and enjoy a secluded life with your family and friends away from the busy city streets and noise. 

Finally you will enjoy an enclave of American-inspired houses set on the sloping terrains of the hills and mountains.  You can choose among the different affordable Disney Home Series by Robinsons Homes or plan and design your own American-themed home.

Housing Options


Choose your dream home with our Disney Home Collection. Available are one-storey attached homes to two-storey single-detached homes.Contact our project specialists to know more about these great home designs.

Amenities and Facilities

 * Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
 * Clubhouse
 * Children's Playground
 * Basketball Court
 * Swimming Pool
 * Perimeter Fence
 * Concrete Roads and Gutters
 * Street Lamps
 * Drainage System

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